Tri-County Electric Supports Hall’s Lake Natural Area

By June 21, 2015 June 24th, 2015 No Comments

On June 19, we were delighted to receive a check for $2,500 from HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative for stewardship at the Hall’s Lake Natural Area.
“HomeWorks Tri-County Electric’s board of directors has chosen to use unclaimed member equity to support community projects like the Hall’s Lake Natural Area,” explained Director Ed Oplinger. “When capital credits are distributed, we do all we can to find members and repay their equity, but it’s not always possible to find people if they have moved from the area. We feel that it is best to give those unclaimed funds back in ways that will improve our communities.”
CWC executive director Stan Lilley said, “We will use this contribution for trail maintenance, interpretive signage and similar stewardship related activities. Our three preserves in the Hall’s Lake Natural Area are open to the public. We truly appreciate the help of Tri-County Electric to ensure that we are providing a good experience for our visitors.”