“Stewardship Training Workshop”

Saturday, May 6 – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
CWC Office 306 S. University Avenue
Mount Pleasant, MI

Interested in stewarding a preserve? The role of Preserve Steward requires organizing and participating in work crews assigned to rehab trails, restore areas to native vegetation, and maintain the overall facility as welcoming wildlife habitat. Under the direction of the executive director, each crew will receive assignments on what needs to happen for better preserve management.


How about monitoring? Preserve and Easement Monitors undergo the training and guidance needed to complete once-a-year assays of the health and well-being of a preserve or easement, as assigned. Commitments for easement monitoring are restricted to one visit per year; preserve monitors can actively monitor at least once a year or more often. Requirements for both positions include taking monitoring photos from assigned photopoints and documenting items of note, while filling out official forms filed for our records. Benefits of the training include learning about our area’s natural history. Benefits of the site visits are intrinsic!


What’s included? Training day begins at 9 a.m. at the CWC office on University Avenue. Should requests necessitate a larger space to accommodate a larger group, we will change the venue and notify you. The morning consists of classroom hours learning about our area’s ecosystems and what constitutes their good condition. Alternatively, also covered are the red flags that signal problems to report and remedy. We’ll take a lunch break then head out for afternoon site visits to two preserves, each with their own unique qualities and needs. We’ll review the morning’s education and apply it to the afternoon field study.


When you agree to the training, you agree to participate. Your commitment benefits all of us.

Monitors and Stewards will receive t-shirts and/or ball caps with the CWC logo. Orders are taken the day of the workshop.


Cost:    $20 per new registrant

$10 per current monitors wishing to renew their assignments or to receive new/initial assignments


Register by calling 989-772-5777 or email katie@chippewawatershedconservancy.org with “Stewardship Training Workshop” in the Subject Line. Include each participant’s name, contact phone and email.