Springtime Hiking Options in Central Michigan

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With the Spring Equinox right around the corner, it’s not too early to plan your nearby hiking adventures! We’ve compiled this list of trails in the Central Michigan region. The list is certainly not exhaustive, but will give you some options you’ve likely never considered before. Be sure to brief yourself of rules and regulations for each trail system and always follow Leave No Trace principles. To learn more about the seven miles of trail we manage visit:

Central Michigan hiking trails within 30 minutes of Mt. Pleasant:

Alma Conservation Park
City of Alma page
Trail Map & Details
Mountain Bike Trail
2.5 miles of single track

Audubon Woods Preserve (CWC)
Audubon Woods Trail Map
40 acres
Hiking trails (not groomed in winter)

All CWC Nature Preserves

Bundy Hill Preserve (CWC)
Bundy Hill Map
100 acres
2 miles hiking trails (not groomed in winter)

Chippewa Nature Center
Trail Map w/Conditions
1200 acres
19+ miles of trail
Hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing

CMU Neithercut Woodland
CMU Neithercut Woodland Trail Map
252.3 acres
Hiking (not groomed in winter)

Deerfield Nature Park
Deerfield Nature Park Map
Deerfield Nature Park Details
591 acres
Hours: 8 am-dusk
8 miles of marked trails
Groomed in winter: Hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing

Green Pine Lake Pathway (not marked very well)
Lakeside Motel Details & Map
11 miles of hiking trails — many are flooded out

Halls Lake Natural Area (CWC, Kabana/Neely Preserve)
Kabana Preserve Map
Neely Preserve Map
126 acres
Hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing

Ithaca Jailhouse Trail
REI Hiking Project Map & Details
Mountain Bike Trail
4.1 miles

Little Forks Conservancy Nature Preserve
839 acres combined

Meridian Park
Meridian Park Details & Map
145 acres

All Isabella County Parks

Midland City Forest
City of Midland Info & Maps
520 acres
Hours: 6 am – 11 pm
6.8 miles/ cross-country ski trail (groomed)
13 miles of bike trails
*Please note other Midland trails (not mapped) at bottom of page

Mid-Michigan Community College Trails
MMCC page w/map links on right
560 acres
3 miles hiking trails
19 miles mountain biking/hiking trails

Montcalm Community College Trails
Maps & Trail Info
4 miles hiking/cross-country ski trail (groomed)

Pine Haven Recreation Area
Midland County Page
Trail Guide & Directions
325 acres
Hiking, cross-country skiing (groomed,) mountain biking
2.3 miles cross-country skating
3.5 miles single-track mountain bike trail
*Note: owned by the State of Michigan, open to hunting

Sylvan Solace Preserve (CWC)
Trail Map
78 acres
Hiking trails (not groomed in winter)

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