Watershed Wanderings is a short video series made to inspire outdoor adventure in the Chippewa River Watershed. Produced by Chippewa Watershed Conservancy (CWC), the video series highlights nearby outdoor recreational opportunities on land and water. At CWC, we believe there is ample opportunity for outdoor adventure in the Central Michigan region. The goal of Watershed Wanderings is to connect people to publicly-accessible outdoor recreation opportunities and provide trip details such as gear recommendations, directions to parks and nature preserves and adventure itineraries.

Watershed Wanderings: Snowshoeing at Audubon Woods

Audubon Woods Preserve is a 40 acre, 100 percent wooded preserve in Deerfield Township, Isabella County protects scenic viewscapes along 1/4 mile of Chippewa River frontage. A 1.5 mile loop trail winds through scenic mature forestland and rolling topography. The best parking is along Gilmore Road at the NE corner of the preserve, just north of the Wing Road/Gilmore Road intersection. This property was held from 1964-2008 by the Chippewa Valley Audubon Club. For a downloadable map of the trails, click here.

Trip Itinerary

1. Drive to Audubon Woods Preserve: http://bit.ly/Audubon_Woods_Preserve
2. Snowshoe on the trail system.
3. Drive home

Estimated Time

1. Snowshoeing the 1.5 mile loop trail: 1 hour

Recommended Gear

1. Hiking boots or winter boots
2. Snowshoes
3. Warms pants and a winter jacket
4. Gloves, hat and sunglasses if necessary
5. Water and a small snack