“Snowshoe Bundy!” A Winter Hike Delight

By February 14, 2017 No Comments

On February 11, “Five hikers showed up for the excursion,” said hike leader Cheryl Meyer, who generously donated her time and expertise to lead the hearty six, actually, counting baby Alex. Alex’s mother carried him in a soft baby pack and managed to slide down the hills on the return trip, much to Alex’s delight. The weather cooperated – a beautiful, sunny day with enough snow cover remaining to warrant sturdy footwear. Cheryl did her research to prepare for the day, and greeted attendees with information on glacial influences on the terrain and the Mid Continental Rift. “This was a great learning experience for me, in that I never really thought about what it took to create the land forms we were hiking on!”

When the group arrived at the knob – the highest point on the preserve – Cheryl’s highlights included the geodetic marker, found sans snow cover and therefore easily observed. Eventually the grouped discussed lumbering in Michigan, as active sawmills once surrounded the area.

Thank you to Peter Rathmann for posting the hike on triptrack (see below).  A huge thank-you to Cheryl Meyer, Montcalm Community College educator, whose well-honed teacher-sense inspired her to create a terrific educational and recreational experience for all who attended.