Established in 2014, the 33 acre Schaftenaar Preserve is one of three preserves that make up Hall’s Lake Natural Area.  Located on the north shore of Hall’s Lake in Isabella County’s Broomfield Township, this preserve protects a mix of habitat types including lakeshore floodplain and a mixed aspen/hardwood forest. The outlet stream for Hall’s Lake flows through a large cattail marsh on the east side of the preserve. A footbridge across this outlet connects the trails on the Schaftenaar and Kabana Preserves.

More than two miles of trails link Schaftenaar Preserve with the Kabana and Neely Preserves to the east and south. The trails on Schaftenaar Preserve can be accessed from Kabana Preserve or from a trailhead at the end of Fowler Drive on the north shore of Hall’s Lake.  A portion of the trails on Schaftenaar Preserve cross onto private land and are closed during the fall hunting seasons. 

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