Norcross Grant Gives Conservancy New Equipment

By July 9, 2014 October 24th, 2014 No Comments

The Norcross Wildlife Foundation recently awarded the CWC a $2,200 grant to purchase two laptop computers to replace outdated equipment. As a result we have just acquired a new pair of 15-inch laptops. One will be used for presentations to potential donors, landowners and in our outreach and education programs. The second one will be used by our part-time bookkeeper and for donor database management and related activities.

The Norcross Wildlife Foundation has supported the environmental and conservation communities across the nation for many years. Their constituency is primarily the grassroots community of nonprofits whose “tool-kit” needs are usually modest, specific, and often difficult to address through other funders. Most Norcross grants are for $5,000.00 or less and have a practical, immediate use – such as office and field equipment of all kinds.

The CWC has received Norcross Wildlife Foundation technology grants three times over the past six years. We are proud to partner with them and thankful for their continuing support.

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