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Harry E. “Gene” Neely & Olga Shiraef Neely Preserve
Established 2008

26 Acres in Broomfield Township, Isabella County, this 100 percent wooded preserve protects 1,400 feet of Hall’s Lake shoreline and scenic viewscapes and 2,000 feet of historic Old State Road. Portions of the original corduroy logs can be seen on the roadway along the preserve. Originally 22 acres, this preserve was expanded to 26 acres thanks to a contribution of 4 acres by John A. Kabana in 2013.

This preserve hosts unusual plant species such as Nodding Trillium and Indian Pipe and is a safe harbor for migrating warblers and other passerines in spring and fall.  There is a 1/4 mile long nature trail accessible from the parking area at the NE corner of the preserve. This property abuts the 100-acre Kabana Preserve, which is also open to the public and adds another mile of trails. On the west side of the Kabana Preserve lies the 33-acre Schaftenaar Preserve. Immediately west of the Schaftenaar Preserve, Larry and Judy Schaftenaar also currently permit foot access via trails on their property except during the hunting season.

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