Established 1995 and expanded 2008, this 8 acre preserve in Deerfield Township, Isabella County protects 900 feet of scenic viewscapes and adjoining riparian buffer along the Chippewa River. It is also a connector to additional protected property on three sides: the Fisher Annex of Deerfield Nature Park and the main portion of the park to the north; the Mt. Pleasant School Forest to the east; and the Deerfield Township Park to the south.

The original 1-acre parcel donated in 1995 protects 330 feet of frontage on the east side of the river and is only accessible from the river. An additional 7-acre parcel was purchased from the McNeel family in 2008 and protects 570 feet of frontage on the west bank of the river. To access this part of the preserve park along the Urie Drain right-of-way across Winn Road from Saratoga Springs Drive and follow the drain to where it elbows to the north. The preserve is due east of the elbow. There are no formal trails on the preserve.

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McNeel Preserve Aerial

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