Last Major Work of the Season at Sylvan Solace

By November 9, 2015 No Comments

On Sunday, October 25th, a group of students from Central Michigan University’s chapter of The Wildlife Society, as well as a couple of other interested student volunteers spent several hours removing interior fencing from the preserve and raking trails.

Why the concern about interior fencing? Imagine if you were a deer or other large mammal on the preserve. Over time the local residents probably learn where travel hazards lie, but in a panic situation one of these old 4 x 4 inch square livestock fence barriers could mean the difference between escape and disaster. Not to mention the potential for an animal to get hung up in a piece of remnant fence and unable to extricate itself. So now, with a little help from our friends at Central Michigan University, travel through the woods at Sylvan Solace is much easier.

Those who weren’t directly involved in fence removal helped out with other necessary chores like trash pickup along Pickard Road and in the parking area, and with raking much of the trail system to sort of put the trails to bed until winter snows bring in the snow shoe and cross country ski visitors.

Thanks so much to all for your help, including these hard working volunteers: Jordan Beal, Samantha Carey, Tyler Melay-Shiels, Carl Miller, Mikisha Drogowski, Jonathon Breithaupt, Lyndsay Morrison, Ashley Sterling, Lindsay Walls, Nathan Glasovatz, Alex Cornell, Alicia Weeks, Dakota Camarena, and Lucas Price. Thanks also to Richard Bigford for helping us to dispose of the fencing materials.