Established in 2000, primary access to this 25-acre preserve in Nottawa Township, Isabella County is via the Coldwater River where it enters the north end of Coldwater Lake. This preserve protects the mouth of the Coldwater River and more than 1,400 feet of scenic viewscapes and adjoining floodplain and wet woodland along both sides of the Coldwater River at this critical juncture with the lake.

Managed primarily as wildlife habitat, this property hosts many species of migratory waterfowl and wetland species. Otter are frequently observed at the mouth of the river.

There is seasonal foot access at the NE corner of the preserve at the curve of Beal City Road. Park at the wide spot and walk across the beaver dam. Access is better in winter when the floodings are frozen and snow covered. There are no formal trails on the preserve. Formerly known as the Coldwater Lake Preserve, the property was renamed Kjolhede’s Kove Preserve at the request of our 2009 spring banquet raffle winners, the Kjolhede family.

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Kjolhedes Kove Preserve Aerial

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