Kabana Preserve is the largest of three preserves that make up Hall’s Lake Natural Area.  Established in 2013, this 100 acre property in Isabella County’s Broomfield Township protects 1,000 feet of Hall’s Lake shoreline and associated upland and lowland habitats. More than 500 feet of original corduroy logs making up historic Old State Road can still be seen in a wetland on the SE edge of the preserve. 

The diversity of upland and wetland habitats including lakeshore floodplain, swamps, bogs, and mixed aspen/hardwood forest makes Kabana Preserve one of our best preserves for spotting wildlife.  Numerous resident and migratory birds such as Veery, Canada Warbler and Northern Waterthrush are known to nest here. Lucky visitors may catch site of beaver or otter along the lakeshore, a porcupine up a tree,  or one of several elusive bobcat known to haunt the property. 

Hikers seeking solitude should definitely consider visiting Hall’s Lake Natural Area.  More than two miles of trails link Kabana Preserve with Neely Preserve to the south and Schaftenaar Preserve on the northwest. 

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