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Each of us has a reason we joined the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy. It may have been because the CWC protected a place that is near and dear to your heart. It may be that a friend asked you to join. It may be because, well, you know better than we do why. We’d like to hear your stories about why you decided to become part of CWC. Or maybe you would like to tell us about a place in our service area of Clare, Isabella, Gratiot, Montcalm, and Mescosta counties that is special to you. You don’t need to write anything in particular, or on anything in particular. It doesn’t need to be a particular length or even in complete sentences. The only thing that matters is that you tell us. How else will we know? Please email us your story at and we will add it to the stories collected below. Please include some pictures if you can. Let us know your story. Here are those of your neighbors.


  1. Phyllis (Willis) Gilmore Remembers Times at Hall’s Lake
  2. Adonna Kennedy’s Hall’s Lake Memories
  3. I am Part of the Land I Own
  4. Earth Day Every Day
  5. Ryan Johns – This I Believe

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