Hall’s Lake Owl Prowl

By April 25, 2019 No Comments

A group of 15 gathered at sunset on Friday, April 19th, at the Hall’s Lake Natural Area to listen for owls and enjoy the rise of the “Pink Moon,” so called in honor of the delicate moss pink, or ground phlox, one of the early blooming spring wildflowers.

Owls are rather shy and possibly due to the size of the group and the number of lights used to guide uncertain feet along the paths in the dark, they were reluctant to come close. But we heard a distant Great Horned Owl and two Barred Owls. In addition, we enjoyed the sounds of four species of frogs calling, the thumps of beaver tails striking the water as we walked by the lakeshore, and an unexpected encounter with a roosting Red-tailed Hawk. Midway through our adventure the moon peeked through the clouds and by the end of the walk it was in full glory.

Walking the trails at night offers an entirely different perspective of Hall’s Lake, when nocturnal sounds, not sight, become the center of attention. There is really never a bad time to visit.