Get to Know Michigan’s State Game Mammal

By December 14, 2020 No Comments

Although deer hunting season is winding down here in Michigan, our interaction with the powerful and graceful mammal is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Whether deer are grazing on our lawns or darting in front of our vehicles, they are ingrained in the culture, traditions, and day to day life of people throughout our region. So what is it that makes these creatures thrive in our local habitats, and what makes them so special?

Tune in to this informational video with CWC Development & Outreach Coordinator Alexis Hansen to find out. She shares information and artifacts that dive into the anatomy and habits of one of Michigan’s most abundant mammals. She’ll discuss diet, physical features, habitat, and more while showing some authentic deer vestiges. Feel free to share this video with friends, your kids, your students, or anyone who wants to learn more about White-tailed Deer. They are the official State Game Mammal of Michigan after all, so you should definitely brush up on your knowledge!