Call for Volunteers!

By September 6, 2016 No Comments

We’ll be doing some trail work and signage placement on Bundy Hill and could definitely use a hand. Although we don’t have a date set (we’ll update you when our boundary survey is done), this is more for a “show of hands” to see who might be able and willing. Typically, trail work involves marking the trail off (flagging designates where we want it to go), scraping the new sections with hoes (often involves “benching” which is an L-shaped cut into a hill allowing for a level walk and reduces erosion), putting in water bars, if necessary (plastic drainage guides which prevent gullies), embedding boards or small diameter limbs for foot traffic over muddy areas and boardwalks over creeks or permanently wet areas. Bundy Hill has a trail, but it does not conform to best management practices for uphill travel to prevent erosion. If you decide you want to lend a hand, the following are the tools needed (and let us know what you’re bringing):

Work gloves
Single-comb heavy-duty rakes
Small shovels
Small chain saw (please wear appropriate gear; i.e. chaps if you volunteer for this and bring extra gas/oil mix needed)
Weed-whips (same request to bring fuel refills and in this case, extra whip blades/string)
Combi-tool if you’re a forester itching to get back at it

Signage placement requires post hold diggers, cement mix, wheelbarrow, water and mixing stick.

We hope to begin work in October and keep at it through November, weather permitting. If you are ready and willing, sign up below or call us at 989-772-5777

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