100 acres in Broomfield Township, Isabella County and established in 2016, this preserve encompasses the highest geologic point in the county and a surrounding buffer of forest. This property was purchased from the Wakelin and Kathleen McNeel Family, who owned it since the 1950’s.

This preserve is open to the public for quiet recreation and for nature education. In addition to preserving the highest point in the county, it provides scenic viewscapes and wildlife habitat. It is accessible from a gated two-track on River Road, approximately .2 mile west of the intersection with Wyman Road. Shortly after passing the gate and continuing to walk south, one encounters an opening of approximately 1.5 acres. A foot path begins near the SE edge of the opening and follows the ridge line about .4 mile to the top of Bundy Hill, at an elevation of 1,270 feet, where a U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey marker is embedded in concrete. A large, 40-foot circumference boulder just north of the summit is a popular location for pictures by visitors. New hiking trails are currently under construction and will total approximately two miles when completed in fall 2018.

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