Carey Pauquette is the Environmental Manager for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan. Before that, she was the Water Quality Specialist for the Tribe. As a lifelong resident of the area Carey has interest in preserving the natural landscape for generations to come. Carey grew up on a 40 acre farm in the Northwest corner of Isabella County where she spent her childhood exploring forests, ponds, and finding critters in their natural habitat. With a passion for the environment and interest in the natural world she pursued a Biology degree from Central Michigan University. Carey has worked with several government agencies, organizations, and residents in the area on conservation topics ranging from solid waste to improving water quality. It is her intention to leave the world a better place with the work she pursues to improve the natural world. The center of Carey’s universe is her son Avery who also enjoys the outdoors. As a family they enjoy fishing, searching and identifying organisms in many habitats, walking in the woods, spending time on the water, and enjoying nature.