Are you looking for a physical challenge?

The Bundy Hill Vertical Mile Challenge is back for 2023!

At approximately 1270 feet above sea level, Bundy Hill is the highest point in Isabella County. From the trailhead to the USGS triangulation mark at the summit, there is an elevation gain of 170 feet. The shortest trail to the top (via the History/McNeel Trail) is a round trip of 1.22 miles. To climb a mile at Bundy hill you would need to make thirty-one round trips to the summit and log at least thirty-seven trail miles!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete this challenge all at once*. Take a week, a month, or even all year. The only rules are that you must stay on marked trails and you must snap a photo of the summit marker on each trip. Easy peasy!

Once you’ve completed the challenge, email your address and a collage of your summit photos to us at We’ll mail you a pair of exclusive vinyl stickers, a sew-on summit marker patch, and a certificate commemorating your accomplishment. With your permission, we’ll share your feat on our social media pages.

Some of our successful past Vertical Mile Challenge participants

*If you’re the ultra-running type and you want to complete the challenge all at once, let us know. We’d love to come out and document your feat! The most single-day trips we know about in one day was fifteen by our Executive Director Mike LeValley on National Trails Day 2021.

A collage of successful summits