Planned Giving

2_Marl Lake Conservation Easement Montcalm County

Gifts in Honor of Friends or Family

You can honor someone special by giving a donation in their name. You will receive a letter recognizing your gift and they will receive a notice of your gift. What better way to recognize someone special than by helping to preserve land and water they love. Please be sure to send their name and address along with the gift so that we may let them know.

Memorial Gifts

Families often choose to designate a non-profit whose work was important to a loved one who has passed. A memorial gift to CWC can be a way to remember the past and make a difference in the future. These gifts may be tax deductible.

Stocks, Mutual Funds and Bonds

Making a gift of stocks, mutual funds or bonds can provide you with a double tax benefit. When you give these types of securities to CWC, you avoid capital gains taxes on the increased value and also receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of your gift.

Gifts of Real Estate

Donating land or a house to CWC is a way for you to receive tax benefits on the appreciated value while avoiding capital gains taxes that may result from sale of the property. CWC accepts gifts of land to be conserved in perpetuity or gifts of property to be sold and the proceeds spent on local land conservation.

Retirement Accounts

Passing retirement account assets to your heirs can trigger significant income taxes and estate taxes. Designating the CWC as the beneficiary of all or a part of your retirement accounts may be a way to reduce or eliminate these tax obligations.

Estate Planning Gifts

When you include the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy in your estate planning, you are making it possible for future generations to enjoy the clean water, open space and wildlife habitat that we experience. You gift will assure that CWC has the resources to honor our commitment to protect and steward lands in perpetuity. There may be significant tax benefits for you and your family when a charitable gift is included in your estate plan. Here are a few examples of ways that others like you have chosen to make a gift to the future:


You can designate a gift of a set dollar amount or a percentage of your total estate to be given to CWC.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This type of trust can provide income to you, your spouse and others. Upon death, a certain amount or percentage of your estate will pass to your heirs and the balance can be donated to CWC to eliminate or reduce capital gains taxes.