Federal Tax Benefits

If you own land with important natural or historic resources, donating a voluntary conservation easement (also called conservation agreement) can be one of the smartest ways to conserve the land you love, while maintaining your private property rights and possibly realizing significant federal tax benefits. A taxpayer who donates land, an easement or other personal […]

CWC Receives Grant Award for Chippewa River Watershed Project

The Bay Area Community Foundation has awarded a $12,000 grant from the Watershed Restoration Fund to the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy to help raise public awareness about the Chippewa River Watershed and promote recreational, cultural and historic features from the river’s headwaters in Mecosta County, through Isabella County and into Midland County, where it joins the […]

State legislature plans to cap public land holdings

The Michigan State Senate recently passed SB 248, which would cap the amount of land the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) can hold in the public interest at 4.65 million acres. Once it reaches the proposed cap, the MDNR would have to dispose of an equivalent amount of acres before it could acquire additional […]