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Each of us has a reason we joined the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy. It may have been because the CWC protected a place that is near and dear to your heart. It may be that a friend asked you to join. It may be because, well, you know better than we do why. We'd like to hear your stories about why you decided to become part of CWC. Or maybe you would like to tell us about a place in our service area of Clare, Isabella, Gratiot, Montcalm, and Mescosta counties that is special to you. You don't need to write anything in particular, or on anything in particular. It doesn't need to be a particular length or even in complete sentences. The only thing that matters is that you tell us. How else will we know?

Please email us your story at and we will add it to the stories collected below. Please include some pictures if you can. Let us know your story. Here are those of your neighbors.

Phyllis (Willis) Gilmore Remembers Times at Hall's Lake

Contributed by Phyllis (Willis) Gilmore as told to Judy Schaftenaar

Phyllis’s family experience with Hall’s Lake began when she was a young married woman with children.  In 1954, her parents, Olive and Clifford Willis, purchased the cottage on the north side of Hall’s Lake.

Early conditions

Without the 8 ft. added by Phyllis and her husband Bud, the original cottage was separated from the lake by many trees.  Just a narrow path existed from the cottage to the water. 

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Pete Koper's Hall's Lake Memories

Contributed by Pete Koper as told to Judy Schaftenaar

If you are lucky, you can remember places from your youth where you could experience beauty without crowds, peacefulness without complexity and safety without fear.  Nostalgically, we can think about simpler times and find serenity just from the memories.  For a number of residents of Isabella, Mecosta and Montcalm counties, such a place existed in their past and it still remains beautiful, peaceful and safe to this day.  This “secret treasure” is Hall’s Lake on the eastern border of Isabella County.

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Adonna Kennedy's Hall's Lake Memories

Contributed by Adonna Kennedy as told to Judy Schaftenaar

Wild blackberries, wild roses, lady slipper orchids, and trillium filled the eyes and senses of 6 year old Adonna Freeman Kennedy when her dad first purchased their lot on Hall’s Lake in 1942.  Adonna, her children and grandchildren will be celebrating their seventieth year at Hall’s Lake in 2012.  In the interim 70 years the Kennedy family and friends have thoroughly enjoyed what the lake has to offer.

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I am a Part of the Land that I Own

Contributed by John Bush

I am a part of the land that I own ...and it has become a part of me. I became a part of the land while growing up. I walked and worked and played on the land ...and I listened to the stories told by my parents as they talked of their childhood, teenage, young adult, and then their adult years they became a part of the land.

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Earth Day Every Day

Contributed by David Syckle II

I believe Earth Day is a great tradition. I also understand that people are busy and may not be able to volunteer on a large project during Earth Day. I have always believed that Earth Day is a reminder to us to give back to the Earth. My hope is that people would GIVE back to the Earth and that we would DO our share in keeping the Earth healthy and beautiful. We can give our time when we can spare it, even if it isn’t Earth Day.

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