Business Partnerships

Are water quality, scenic views and recreational opportunities important to you?

What brings people to live in Central Michigan- jobs, family, school?  The bigger question is what keeps people in Central Michigan: our wonderful communities, our amazing park systems, the scenic field and forest views, our lakes, rivers and streams?

Our quality of life, the health of our communities, our economic vitality and our heritage all depend on the intelligent management of our rivers, lakes, natural areas and wildlife habitat.

Since 1995 the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy (CWC), has worked to help willing families voluntarily preserve their natural heritage through conservation easements while retaining private ownership of their land, to acquire selected parcels of land to promote water quality, preserve natural space and provide recreational opportunities for the public, and to reconnect people to nature.

The majority of our support still comes from our members and allows us to preserve important scenic and natural areas and provide educational and recreational opportunities for families and kids.

But we also greatly need your help as a business sponsor. Please help us make a difference now and for the future with your generous sponsorship.

This is an opportunity to support a good cause in the community and link your business name to a well-respected and non-controversial group working to protect important places in central Michigan for the future within existing local land use planning guidelines.

Your contribution at these levels will be recognized:

  • Regular Annual: $50.00 – $99.00 (Company identified on our web site as a business sponsor and recognition at our annual spring banquet in April)
  • Supporter: $100.00 – $249.00 (The above plus recognition in 3 issues, one full year, of our newsletter)
  • Benefactor: $250.00 – $499.00 (All of the above plus a link to your web site on ours)
  • Patron: $500.00 – $999.00 (All of the above plus your business logo included on our web site)
  • Platinum: $1,000.00 and higher (All of the above plus a special guided walk at one of our preserves for employees of the sponsor, at a date to be agreed upon)

Aquatic Insect Program

With help from all of our supporters, we will continue managing and caring for CWC owned preserves, educate the public about conservation and the importance of our connections to nature and the land, and seek out new opportunities to preserve.

Make a difference now and for the future with your generous sponsorship gift today. Your support can help create a world of good.